Eddie Shanken’s essay for the Print Portfolio
Oct 5, 2005
Edward Shanken
Michael Rees’s art delights as much as it confounds, and indeed, it confounds in a most delightful way.  It simultaneously occupies multiple states of being, refusing to exist unequivocally in any particular medium, form, or dimension.  Like electrons in superposition, it
Artist’s Statement for the Print Portfolio
Oct 5, 2005
Putto 2x2x4, notes
kemper museum
Kansas City, Missouri
michael rees
Putt 2x2x4 continues my investigation into aberrant life forms, their animation, and their subsequent reification as a sculptural object from a single animation frame.
These animation sculptures function on several levels, i
Here you can read an essay by Eddie Shanken, notes about the work by michael rees, and the Kemper Museum’s Director Rachael Blackburne Cozad introduction to the work.