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Michael Rees' work traverses a wide range of activities and efforts. He has shown at the Whitney Museum in the 1995 Biennial and again in 2001 in the exhibition BitStreams. He has had numerous exhibitions both in the United States, Germany, Turkey, and Spain.  His work has been exhibited in New York galleries and in private and public collections. It has also been exhibited in Museums and University Galleries throughout the United States. Rees works in a broad continuum of sculptural practice.  His work utilizes performance, animation, video, installation, sculptural objects, computer software programs, and interactivity.

IN 2009, Rees opened two solo shows. social sculpture, an exhibition of sculpture and software including the Sculptural User Interface (SUI), opened 12.17.09 at the Chelsea Art Museum in New York. Model Behavior, an exhibition of recent sculpture and photographs, opened at the Deborah Colton gallery on September 19th.

In the summer of 2009, Rees opened Putto 4 over 4 sculpture and animation at the Zentrum fur Medien Kunst (ZKM) in Karlsruhe, Germany. Peter Weibel, who curated the installation, spoke at length about the sculpture at the opening ceremony.

In 2008 Rees won a Rockefeller Renew Media Grant from the Tribeca Film Institute for the project Social Object: sculpture and software. He exhibited Converge: Ghraib Bag at The Fields Sculpture Park at Art Omi, Ghent, New York. His work is also included in E-Form at the Beijing Today Art Museum and the Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, both in China.

In 2007 Rees performed Live Life at a day of performance in Matthew Barney’s studio. Barney did a run through for his opera which was to be seen later in Manchester, England, and German Artist Jonathon Meese performed also. In 2007 he also won a New Jersey Stat Council on the Arts Individual State Fellowship Award.

In the fall of 2005 Rees' permanent outdoor installation Putto 2x2x4, opened in Kansas City, MIssouri. It was curated by the Elizabeth Dunbar of the Kemper Museum of Contemporary art with deep support from the Director Rachael Blackburn Cozad and supported by DST Systems. It included a large scale sculpture )(18’ tall)  and animation playing on a stadium quality video display (7x10’).

in May of 2005. Rees' European museum exhibition was in Germany at the MARTa Museum in Herford. It was curated by Jan Hoet. His work opened at the new museum designed by Frank Gehry.

He has been written about widely. His work appears in numerous survey books especially concerning digital art, genetics and art, and contemporary conceptual art. He has been reviewed in the New York Times. Reviews of his one person shows have appeared in Art In America, Flash Art, Tema Cleste, New York Arts, Sculpture Magazine, The American Prospect, The New Yorker, the Atlantic Monthly OnLIne, Wired Magazine, Time Digital, Elle Decor, World Art and others.

Rees’ work sits at the intersection between ideas in biology, linguistics, and technology to weave a rich sculptural melange. It often addresses figuration through a variety of media. The work maintains three branches of the same limb in his work . These can be loosely related to correspond to a body mind spirit dynamic. The body refers to the Monster series and its attendant animations. These are concerned with the manipulated body and with multiple consciousness folded into an animate constructed body. The mind refers to the Sculptural User Interface with its parallel attendance to tendencies in conceptual art and computer science (the readymade, an extension of Beuys notion of social sculpture and open source software as a ready made made ready.) And finally the spiritual: Rees' Ajna Series is the conflation of western analytic science and eastern metaphysics with a blend of surrealism.





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